About Neonline

Since 1986 Neonline stands for creativity and individuality in light advertising

At that time, the company paved the way, as one of the pioneers, for the revival of the classic advertising medium. Since then neon is beyond retro-charm one of the key design elements in contemporary art and architecture. In addition we see the rise in the lightning-art and in commercial advertising of a series of lighting technologies such as LED.

The customer service from consulting and design to installation and service is self evident. The proprietary Neonline glassblowing guarantees the production of neon at the highest level of craftsmanship.

Through his diverse experiences in the fields of film, photography and decoration and by his collaboration on art projects and performances, company owner D.J. Sprengnagel is an inspiring partner in the creative field. Collaboration with customers, artists, architects, advertising agencies and designers opened up many innovative ways.